Online car insurance: how to get the best price?

The comparators online today to compare the prices of the different insurance companies. Quick and easy, these comparators will give you an idea of the market price and will allow you to get the best priced auto insurance.

Compare prices of companies
The era of the Internet, it is now easy to compare the prices displayed by the various insurance companies. First as a small comparative study, comparing of prices, but also the proposed guarantees, compensation limits and prices of the franchises. A low price sometimes hides poor coverage.

To sponsor a parent
Young drivers can be sponsored by their parent with their insurance company. They can then benefit from lower prices and sometimes take advantage of the bonus from their parent. Indeed, if your parents are good drivers, instead of starting with a 1 bonus-malus coefficient, you can go with a lower coefficient.

Online car insurance: how to get the best price?
Choose optional guarantees
You choose an insurance that you like and that suits your needs. Between third breakage of ice, third collision or all risks, it is sometimes possible to bring down the price of insurance options, like the odometer franchise for example.

Increase deductibles
You can also make the choice to increase franchises, in order to lower the price of your insurance premium. Thus, disaster, you will find yourself with higher deductibles but a lower premium. You make this choice.

Choose the insurance at kilometer
The small rollers and young drivers can lower the price of their insurance through insurance at kilometer. This type of insurance is advantageous for drivers making only occasional use of their vehicle. The economy can go up to 40%.

Do not combine your auto with other insurance coverage options
It happens that your credit cards cover safeguards proposed by your auto insurance. Examples include the guarantee of assistance and legal protection. No need to accumulate the same insurance. Check your different safeguards before decide you.

Choose the right car
The choice of your car, if it is not set, can vary the price of insurance. Choose a standard known as car, in colors covered by insurance at lower costs.

Pay only once
Often insurers offer to pay by installment. This leads most of the fees. You can also choose to pay your insurance only once, thus saving the cost of the fee of monthly.

Protect your vehicle against theft
Finally, the insurers enjoy vehicles safe for flight. If possible, Park your vehicle, car, motorcycle or scooter in a parking lot and do not forget the locks approved for the two wheels. Parking secure with alarms, for example, will be appreciated by your insurer


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