Car Insurance : Investment consultation record can secure compensation claims

Car Insurance : Investment consultation record can secure compensation claims
Have you ever checked on the basis of the consultation Protocol if an insurance broker has advised you correctly? That you should, because if in the event of damage, the insurance rejects the reimbursement, it is usually too late. Many policyholders underestimate the importance of the document and signed it in the consulting process after a flood of information rather absent-mindedly. Who however considered the form such as a headache product leaflet can walk into the trash unread, which is wrong.

A meticulously-run log in the insurance consulting can either protect from nasty surprises or secure the claim for damages. The latter must be enforced until legal action, should feel the customer wrongly advised and an omissions of the broker be detectable.

A good agent should bring not quickest possible trades, but the optimal insurance coverage give its customers with individual advice. He determined the situation, wishes, goals and the need for any interested parties. Usually, he documented all of this figures in the investment consultation record.

Black sheep

Customers should be nice if the mediator proposes, keeps the counseling part to skip them or giving them a waiver under the nose. Because even among insurance brokers, there is like everywhere - black sheep. To use nothing but is legal - consumer advocates but strongly discourage from. "Customers lose their entitlement to compensation", so Peter Grieble of the Verbraucherzentrale Baden-W├╝rttemberg.

When the "insured" occurs long thought to be paid and the insurance company refuses to pay, it is helpful if the policyholder the broker can prove that he has advised poorly or incorrectly. Only in this way he may assert claims for damages.

The car insurance customer plans, for example, a journey by car, the agencies in the framework of the consultation must ask the objectives. He omits that and sold a policy just for the EU area, he is responsible, when the policyholder in Turkey comes to harm. If the customer is able to prove the failure of the agent, he is on the safe side.

Clear advantages in the online consultation

Compared with the Treaty process with the broker, the online consulting option offers several advantages. The customer has at the outset the possibility of an independent comparison portal like between many providers to choose. The first General input from the exact scope of the relevant insurance product to specify of the personal data, the user can monitor every step and hold itself by expression. So, he gets maximum transparency over the course of the consultation. Established broker is also the obligation to document the extent of personal advice, but this is often not as accurate as in online sales.

Who decides according to the objective comparison on for an insurance policy, will receive an investment consultation record that lists all details, conditions and details of the Treaty at the conclusion of the contract. The customer should store well sorted and hand these documents to seek not long in the insured event.


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