Car Insurance : Car in the flood - what now?

Car Insurance : Car in the flood - what now?Each flood disaster many cars "perish". But not always becomes a total loss. For very important people: Considered action! Fully comprehensive or partial cover insurance insured can have mountains while their vehicle in most cases and fully repaired - unauthorized moving of the vehicle from the scene of the accident can however significantly increase the damage or result in the loss of insurance coverage.

Practical advice for victims

Even if your vehicle is no longer available under water, you should try never to start the engine. The risk that water has entered into the engine what would cause to start a so-called "water hammer" is too big. The damage caused is many times greater than the minor damage caused by contact with water. Already the turning of the key in the ignition can cater for short circuits or extensive losses in the electronics of the vehicle. Even if the engine first starts, the oil mixed with water can cause a piston seizure or damage to the crankshaft.

Sand in the gears

The Central Association of German motor vehicle trade (ZDK) recommends that victims, to tow her car without starting attempt or their own repair efforts in the nearest garage and to seek advice there, whether is worth a "draining". This is first and foremost by the residual value before the flood off and the vehicle "submerged" was how deep. It is also of great importance, as polluted water was: in many places fine sand can accumulate in highly turbid water – especially in the engine compartment, these pads quickly lead to capital losses. For the Interior, there are professional methods to eliminate the water damage.

What does the insurance?

We have already mentioned the damages incurred through improper initiative – apart from Casco customers risk even their insurance coverage! The comprehensive insurance pays only damages resulting from direct exposure of the water or by natural forces on the car. These include all damages which are caused by "Washing away" of the vehicle or the vehicle reaches items. Also, any damage caused by the water itself, such as the Interior or the "sand in the gears" are applied.

If your car suffers an engine failure because you wanted to move it as mentioned above from the flood or after the flood, as it involves an "indirect" damage that therefore belongs to gross negligence. Here, your comprehensive insurance basically makes close the locks. The same applies if you try to drive through deep water or the car despite explicit flood risk has been in a flood-prone parking lot. Here, also any liability by the owner of the parking lot - is even if it is a rented garage or a hotel parking lot.


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