Car insurance: intermediate car insurance: between one-third and the all risks

Auto insurance: intermediate car insurance: between one-third and the all risks
Discover the advantages of the intermediate car also known as the third most insurance insurance

When the insurance, the choice between several forms arises. Among the known formulas, there is the third party insurance and insurance all risks. But it is also possible to opt for a somewhat different and less known formula intermediate insurance.

Before explaining what is third party insurance, should remember what are the other two options.

Traditional forms
The third-party insurance is the legal minimum. It covers only the damage that you may cause to another person at the wheel of his vehicle. On the other hand, if one is involved in an accident which is not responsible for, it is the insurance of the driver responsible who will refund. Generally, a third-party insurance coverage is never as good as the insurance all risks.

It, on the contrary, as its name suggests, offers full coverage. Whether responsible or not, that a third party involved is identified or not, that you are victim of a natural disaster... It is always covered by insurance all risks.

What is the intermediate insurance?
To summarize, we can say that intermediate insurance, also known as the third most insurance, is a sort of in-between, at halfway between the two formulas presented above. It covers civil liability, theft, fire and ice breaking.

It is interesting for those who think that auto insurance in the third party coverage is too narrow, but have no means to pay auto insurance all risks.

As always in the world of insurance, it should, however, ask insurers to learn more because the companies offered warranties vary, not to mention the price.


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