Car Insurance : Cheap to insure several vehicles

The times, in which almost all households had only one car, long thing of the past. A personal and flexible mobility is self-evident for decades. When their children are of legal age, the number of household own vehicles is increasing rapidly. But also couples without children increasingly use one of two cars - for the work, the other about shopping and other errands. That wants to be optimally hedged - learn getting two or more vehicles optimal under a hat.

Second car

Old proven and with the car control is best known: two vehicles are available with the same provider in a joint police - with the car in its initial classification can be given mostly a better damage freedom class and thus a larger no-claims bonus. In addition, some insurers provide additional discounts on the second car.

This benefits many parents to cheaper to classify the car of her child. If the son or daughter would like to accept the insurance at some point, the damage category can be transmitted most easily. However, are here to note two stumbling blocks: guardian and child a relationship must be between first-degree - beyond the discount only at the height can be taken, "can learn how the child would have him since the receipt of the own driving itself". The driving licence is only a year old, a classification SF class 1 is possible so maximum even if about the father would have reached already SF class 10 with the second car.

Individual insurance

But not always drive with the second car control more affordable. Depending on the type of vehicle and insurance one comes away also times better circumstances when each vehicle with another provider is housed. Ultimately, it is always on the individual case. Therefore: Zweitwagen-or individual insurance - leads on the right track only a comprehensive comparison as many vendors and offerings.

Fleet insurance

Car Insurance : Cheap to insure several vehicles
There were until recently only for companies and self-employed persons who have a certain minimum amount of vehicles fleet or fleet insurance. Since October 2010 offer the ADAC and the Zurich insurance but a model to that of fleet insurance is very similar to: the family insurance. All vehicles of a household can be combined with an insurer - everyone gets his own police with "their own" damage freedom class here, everyone pays his own contribution and all have same contact person. The decisive advantage: More and more vehicles are insured, the lower is the classification, allowing savings of up to 12 percent per vehicle.

Change indicator

A "slimmed-down" version of the second car scheme is the introduction of the change indicators planned for 2011: up to three vehicles can be reduced almost in the guise of an insurer on a flag. Only for the each most expensive vehicle, insurance premiums and taxes will be charged. The idea in the Switzerland and Austria several years ago for the first time introduced originally stood the environment at the forefront, because only the vehicle with the "insured" indicator must be - moved thus one reason why this model rather represents an option for individuals who are in possession of several vehicles. In return rather an obstructive model, when the cars of kids cheap insurance should be. In addition less organic but rather economic interests in the foreground stood in Germany, as the change indicator for 2011 has been scheduled: after the decline of the automotive industry by eliminating the cash for clunkers, consumers should now be motivated to purchase a second.


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