Car insurance: what to do in case of accident? -For serious accidents

Small hanging or worst accident, it is important to know how to react in case of problems on the road. Here are a few tips to manage these difficult situations.

Serious accident, it is important to react better and more quickly in order to save lives, yours, your entourage and other motorists.

Secure the area
More serious accidents, if you can not remove the car from the road, it was important to secure the area. Put your reflective yellow vest that will be seen by other motorists. Turn on your hazard lights and ask a triangle more than ten meters from the accident area.

Car insurance: what to do in case of accident? -For serious accidents
Notify the authorities and rescue
Then tell the nearest RCMP (17), as well as relief (15 or 18, 112 from a mobile phone). In the event of accident, you are required to prevent the faster the authorities, under penalty of prosecution for non assistance to person in danger. Unlike the lighter accidents, it is advise not nothing move, so that an investigation can determine the responsibilities.

Except in the case of danger such as a fire or explosion, do not move the injured, you may aggravate their injuries and cause irreparable damage.

The witnesses
If people are witnesses to the accident and help, remember to take their contact information so that they can later testify in case of disagreement with any other party.

There again, tell your insurer more quickly, before five working days, either through the report that you have been able to meet with the other party, if there is one, by letter. In both cases, it is recommended to send it by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.


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