Car insurance: go abroad by car, what you need to know

You have decided to go with your car abroad, for holiday or for work. Check the terms of your contract of insurance to be sure to be covered.
Inquire before you go
Most insurance companies cover you in the event of accident abroad, but only in the countries listed on your contract. Ask before starting, in order to know if you will be covered in the country of destination, but also in the countries that you will go through to reach it. Otherwise, he is Advisor of insurance complementary auto, either with your insurance or another body, in France or in the country of destination. Remember therefore to note the call abroad from your insurance number.

Car insurance: go abroad by car, what you need to know
In case of accident
If you are in the European Union, you can call 112, the single emergency call number. As soon as possible, call your insurer or assistance so that it indicates a way forward for the towing of your vehicle or any accommodation or repatriation. As in France, you will then five working days to send your claim to your insurer.

The settlement observation
In most countries, European you will have something similar to the French statement to complete. Refer to the French model to complete the finding if it is in a foreign language. In the United Kingdom, a free paper return enough, however take care to note all necessary information, identity of drivers, registration, of the accident site, witnesses coordinates and insurance company. Do not sign anything if you're not sure I understood what is indicated.

Responsibilities and benefits
You will be then compensated according to the laws in force in the country where the accident occurred. Responsibility and amount of your may be different compared to the France.


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