Car insurance: Pay as you Drive

Pay as you drive: only pay for what you consume!


The Pay as you drive (PAYD) allows to reduce the amount of your insurance premium by paying only your auto insurance based on your conduct. We will explain below the principle of operation of this new system came from England (see our section and our video on the Pay as you drive).

The pay as you drive: How does it work?
Your insurance sets up an enclosure connected to a GPS on your vehicle. This case goes back 3 types of information: the time at which you take your car, the type of route that you borrow and finally the distance you travel. Your insurance rate is calculated on the basis of the information provided by the box according to your consumption. Every month, your insurance issues an invoice and mobile only with what you consumed

Auto insurance: Pay as you Drive
Can what type of economy you achieve?
Generally, this allows to reduce by 30% the average premium of insurance. You get a completely custom pricing since modelled on your way to using your vehicle. The first French insurers have launched deals with this new system valid for individuals but also for companies and their fleet of vehicles. Feel free to enquire using our indicator.


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