Car insurance: auto insurance in the third: what are the guarantees?

Discover auto insurance coverage to the third party. Article L211-1 of the French insurance code, every driver shall, to move his vehicle, be covered by insurance guaranteeing civil liability, also known as auto insurance in the third.

Compulsory legal minimum, third-party car insurance covers as the name suggests the third parties to which the driver would have caused damage.

The guarantees of the third-party insurance database
According to article 1382 of the civil code, "any act human, causing others harm, requires that the fault of which happened to repair. '' This is called the principle of civil liability.

Insofar as the driver of a land motor vehicle can cause damage to others, others agreeing not only to another driver but also pedestrians or passengers, it must ensure its civil liability.

Car insurance: auto insurance in the third: what are the guarantees?
In this way, victims can obtain compensation for their damages on the part of the insurer of the driver responsible for the accident. The interest of the civil liability or auto insurance in the third is therefore first and foremost to support the material damage to other vehicles and injury caused to third parties (pedestrians, passengers, another driver, and cyclist).

Good to know: the third party insurance does cover or damage to the driver or those caused to his vehicle.

Third-party car insurance: sometimes more coverage
Although this is a general rule, it is rare that insurance companies limit coverage of auto insurance contracts only liability.

Happens so regularly enough that they provide insurance to third parties, legal protection and a form of assistance. Some insurers also include ice-breaking security.

Attention however, you should always check what are the guarantees that cover you in your auto insurance to not have bad surprises


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