Auto and disability insurance

Auto insurance which concern vehicles adapted to the conduct of persons with disabilities is often more expensive than conventional insurance.

Get his driver's license in the event of disability
His permit when you are disabled is not always obvious thing. Indeed, beyond the difficulty of proof of the license itself, it must also pass a medical commission, which will decide if you are able to drive a car. According to medical data, it may issue a temporary or permanent permit.

The change of cars
Once the permit is obtained, it should also acquire a car that meets the needs of the disabled person and allowing him to drive. It's often make costly changes to the vehicle; the cost can exceed the price of the vehicle. It is generally adapt the wheel using 'joystick' to pass speeds for example and braking, it is also to develop a new door that allows the driver to enter and exit more easily. GEFIPH (Association of management of the Fund for the professional integration of people with disabilities) and the CDAPH (Commission on rights and the autonomy of persons with disabilities) are two agencies that are responsible for assisting persons with disabilities for the funding of this type of changes.

Auto and disability insurance

Higher insurance premiums
Most often, people with disabilities will have to pay a more expensive than normal insurance premium. Insurers justify this price rise due to the costly changes to the vehicle. The contract is, moreover, often with mandatory safeguards that increase a little more note.

A change put in place
Facing this situation, some insurers have decided to reverse the trend and to provide to persons with disabilities of the insurance contracts whose price is comparable to conventional contracts. They also put in place a series of measures on the basis of disability, whether O mile assistance or adapted failure car loan.


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