Auto insurance: Tips

The choice of his auto insurance is still a complicated Act because there are many insurers and especially many different offers.

Auto insurance: TipsIndeed, auto insurance is usually the sinews of war by insurers that compete in communication and marketing techniques to better to seduce you. Car insurance benefit from various 'packs', guaranteed, given various, and other elements that fit into account in the calculation of the price of your auto insurance.

Here are some tips for choosing your auto insurance. There are several formulas that vary according to the insurers to perfectly meet your needs.
In General, you will have the choice between two main options:

Third party insurance: it covers only liability (RC), i.e. the insurance for the damage and injury that you may cause to third parties.
Insurance all risks: you are covered for all of the damage and injury.

Today, the insurers have expanded their offerings. You can also find on the market an insurance the third single (i.e. only civil liability), a third-party insurance more glass or even a third party with glass breakage insurance more fire etc.
Auto insurance all risks are also available with options such as including:

-The loan of the steering wheel: you can lend your car to a third party and still be covered. Generally, it must be careful because there is very often a deductible in this case there.
-The driver guarantee: it protects you for personal injury accident where you are responsible for. It is necessary, indeed, be aware that auto insurance does not cover you in such situation, is the driver who is in charge.
-Reduced by very many experts expertise procedures approved.
-Repairs accelerated through a large network of garages approved.
-Refund nine purchase prices: refund of the price of the nine during a period of time depending on the age of the vehicle.
-Guarantees of assistance: loan of a car during the disaster (failure or accident), towing the vehicle etc.

It must be noted also that the amounts of the exemptions may vary depending on the type of loss (theft, glass etc.); according to the insurers and the formula you have chosen. Feel free to use our car insurance comparison.

We must also pay attention to the car insurance guarantees. Indeed, disaster, you will be reimbursed at height to the argus (check with our free argus), either at the height of the value set by the expert, to the real costs caused by the disaster.

A little advice auto insurance practice: think well to read General and special policy conditions in order to have all the information on car insurance that you will agree and not to have surprises later. Many people do not; however, it is a very important tip. In addition, the law on the termination of car insurance has changed since 2005. Chatel Law requires your insurer to inform you that your contract expires before the tacit renewal of it (see our convenient Plug termination car insurance". If your insurer does not meet this obligation within a period of 1 to 3 months prior to the date of renewal of the contract you will have the option to terminate the contract without charge.

Given this complexity insurance companies have teams of statisticians that establish different prices to a quote for insurance car on the basis of the set of elements that is your 'profile '. We cannot explain how insurers calculate exactly a quote for auto insurance because too many elements are taken into account. On the other hand, we will try to describe in outline the main elements.

Remember on auto insurance:
What you should remember, is that auto insurance is the main product of insurance of your budget. Taking into account the complex mechanics of pricing and segmentation of insurers as well as the evolution of offers, make regularly a car insurance comparison both guarantees/franchises on prices. It is the best way to benefit from a good price while being well covered.


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