Car insurance: free auto insurance: it is possible?

It is required to insure his car. Is there free insurance? How to make savings by choosing his insurance?

Article L211-1 of the French insurance code requires all drivers to purchase car insurance to circulate their vehicle. This obligation does not suffer any derogation, with the exception of the State given car insurance.

However, while one might think that the compulsory insurance of the vehicle induced free it, it is nothing.

Each insurance company applies its tariffs freely
Taking into account several elements such as the model of the vehicle, its power, the use that you make or the bonus-malus system of the insured, every insurance company freely fixed tariffs.

Car insurance: free auto insurance: it is possible?
Moreover, insurers guarantee a risk which, if it occurs, will be covered financially. It is therefore not possible to find a free car insurance, in a market which is also very competitive since there are many.

Flee therefore any advertisement that you could easily find on the Internet inviting you to purchase auto insurance free of charge, on the understanding that such an offer does not exist.

Reduce the price of its auto insurance, it is possible!
On the other hand, it is possible to substantially reduce the price of its vehicle insurance contract. Indeed, as explained above, each insurer freely fixed tariffs, resulting in staggering differences in prices from one company to the other.

Putting competing offers from insurers, you can save on the price of the contract with equivalent guarantees. Thus, in order to obtain a broad panorama of the market offerings, it is recommended to go through a car insurance comparer.


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