Car insurance: what to do in case of accident? -When making a small clash

Small hanging or worst accident, it is important to know how to react in case of problems on the road. Here are a few tips to manage these difficult situations.

It is a fact, we can all be facing the road, more or less serious accident, in our journey of motorist. That is why, it is important to know how to respond, both at the time of the accident and subsequently in the steps to take towards its insurer.

Secure the area
You just had a little accident, return collided with another car, without material or physical damage. First clear the roadway in order to not interfere with movement and cause other accidents at the same time.

The settlement observation
In order to ensure a dialogue with the other driver, even if it is at fault, it is important to keep calm. Complete set a common report, which each will keep a copy. If you are not in agreement with the version presented by the other driver, you are not required to sign the contract. On the contrary, if sign you, then it will be more difficult to return to your statements subsequently.

Car insurance: what to do in case of accident? -When making a small clash
Disagreement: the importance of witnesses
In case of disagreement, take care to obtain the identity of the driver, but also his license plate. Indicate on the statement that you are not in agreement. Ask also around if there were witnesses to the scene, police officer or other, that might support your version of events from your insurer. Don't forget to take the identity and address of the potential witnesses, so that they can be contacted by your auto insurance subsequently.

If you do not report on you, you can specify the circumstances of the accident on plain paper.

The time vis à vis the insurer
In all cases, you have 5 days to send the report to your insurance, after completing the claim contained in the back of your statement. It is recommended to send it by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.


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