Car Insurance : Confusion in the periods of notice

Car Insurance : Confusion in the periods of noticeThe traditional date for the car insurance is the 30 November. Yet know just two-thirds of German motorists on this date, so the result of a study of the YouGovPsychonomics on behalf of DEVK insurance. What therefore still less customers know: car insurance not on the calendar year is completed, entirely different notice periods apply. No wonder, then, that the desire is getting louder for more transparent change dates.

YouGovPsychonomics surveyed more than 1,000 motorists who pull a change of their auto insurance into account. Most willing to change are already old hands: 75 percent of respondents have at least once their existing contract in the past five years terminated. About 40 percent have been even twice or more the change.

Cancel until 30 November - or maybe to another appointment?

In contrast to most other insurance companies, the notice of car insurance is only one month. Usually, the termination date on the 30 November thus falls to change without giving reasons on January 1 to a different provider. Until recently, it didn't matter, the police has been completed to date. But here is now careful: last year, individual providers like Allianz, Zurich, or insurance companies of the ERGO Group have introduced customer-specific maturities. In this case, the term not as usual ends on December 31 but corresponds to a duration of twelve months. Completed the contract, for example, on 18 June, he must be - announced no later than May 17 exactly eleven months after the beginning.


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