Car insurance: ensure a fleet of vehicles

Think about fleet insurance when you have several vehicles. While it was available so far that only companies, fleet insurance is now available to individuals. Zoom on the advantages and disadvantages of this type of insurance.

Auto insurance: ensure a fleet of vehiclesEnsure a fleet of vehicles means the possibility offered to the driver for several vehicles, generally at least three with the same insurer.

A single contract of insurance for several vehicles
Although this is a rule, sometimes quite to own a car, a motorbike and a camper which is the main driver.

However, instead endorse specific contracts of insurance for each of these vehicles and thus accumulate similar liability guarantees, some insurance companies offer unique contracts covering all vehicles.

The first advantage of these 'insurance for fleet», originally reserved for companies that provide their employees with vehicles function, is of course the amount of contributions paid by the insured person.

Bonus-malus insurance with no fleet of vehicles
A fleet of vehicles for business insurance does not know the coefficient of reduction-increase, so-called bonus-malus system. At the same time, when it is granted to an individual, insurance multi-vehicle does not take into account this bonus-malus system.

This means firstly that the auto insurance premium is recalculated every year based on reported claims and on the other hand, that the insured loses his bonus. In other words, for all insurance auto individual future, the insured cannot avail themselves of a bonus accumulated on the fleet insurance.


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