Car insurance: insurance for high range car

High range car owners must take out special insurance. Discover the reasons and the guarantees of the specific contracts! More and more auto insurance companies now offer contracts specifically adapted to the luxury vehicles.

For information, insurers consider vehicle of luxury or upscale, cars of which the purchase price exceeds €30 000.
Auto insurance: insurance for high range car
A formula of specific insurance for luxury cars
While the Act imposes on the driver of land motor vehicle insurance to the third party to ensure its civil liability for damage caused to others, driving a high range car forced to choose a form of insurance much more extensive guarantees.

In fact, more powerful and rarer than an entry-level car, the luxury vehicle represents a level of risk for insurance companies.

Between the risk of flight and difficulty finding replacement repair parts, it seems necessary to turn to a specialist insurer for failing to pay a disproportionately expensive subscription.

Some options become mandatory
It is very common that the driver of a vehicle to be impose subscription to options required by the insurer.

Electronic security tracker GPS system, passing through overnight in garage parking mode, adding these options constitute a prerequisite condition the subscription of the contract. In other words, improperly called options, these are not since they must necessarily be provided by the driver.

Moreover, if the value of the vehicle is greater than 75 €000, then it is considered to be a vehicle of exception. If this is the case, it is imperative to turn a dedicated insurer.


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