Auto insurance: what are the most expensive car colors?

This is not a myth; some colors of cars may push up the price of your auto insurance.

Colors to avoid
Bright or garish colors are the colors to avoid if you want to lower the price of your auto insurance. Red and all colors that might be described as flashy are therefore to be avoided. Prefer more neutral colors, such as gray, black, blue, standard colors which can however reduce the insurance premium rating.

Auto insurance: what are the most expensive car colors?

Statistical reasons
Insurers have not decided overnight that they didn't like poppy red or yellow chick. This state of fact actually statistics follows. Indeed, according to the latter, in garish colors cars have more accidents than cars with more basic and more neutral colors. Should we connect this to the fact that bright car drivers are poorer drivers than drivers of cars in neutral colors, why not! Thus, with a car, you may pay more for your insurance, but you pass unnoticed on the road.

A trend that disappears bit by bit
Today, fewer and fewer companies insurance rely on the color of your car to calculate your insurance premium. Insurance generally seek the brand, the model, the power, but the color is always a key factor. Only some companies will let you pay more if your car is red. You compare quotes and see what you require insurers, if you want to drive a red car without paying the price!


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