Auto insurance: can I return on a report?

Complete a report request time and attention to detail, which is not always evident as a result of an accident.

Good reflexes in case of disagreement
In an accident, you are required to fill out a report with the other party. If both parties agree on the circumstances of the facts, they can sign the report before sending it to their insurer. On the other hand, in case of disagreement, especially do not sign the statement. Indeed, it will be very hard to get back on your statements. If the other driver attempts to force the hand of you, do not sign so far and the need to contact the police.

Check the signs left by the other driver
Some dishonest drivers may very well indicate false comments on the observation, or incorrectly indicate their name, their license plate number, driver's license. A check and ask the driver to show his papers.

Auto insurance: can I return on a report?
Back on the once-signed statement
Once signed, it will be very difficult to return to the observation. If it is possible to prove that the other party has lied through damage to the car, your insurer may then support your remedy and attack the other party. Without evidence, most often, you will unfortunately no use. Hence the importance of the witnesses. If people were witnesses to the accident, be careful to keep their contact information and to indicate their name on the report. You will then be able to rely on the testimony of the latter to demonstrate the responsibility of the other driver.


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