Auto insurance: green card and certificate of insurance

The green card and the insurance certificate are key elements of your auto insurance. They are proof that you ride in provided.

What is the green card and the insurance certificate?
When insure your car, your insurance company will send you what is commonly called a green card. It decomposes in reality in two, with one side the certificate of insurance and the other your certificate of insurance. Certificate of insurance, it is the green card which you affixed to the windshield of your car. It is proof that you ride in provided. The insurance certificate is the paper, still green, should include your name, the name of your insurance, its validity date and the information about your vehicle, namely registration, make and model.

Auto insurance: green card and certificate of insurance

Travel insured
On the back of the green card, list of countries where you can ride while still provided by your insurance company. No need then to a new temporary insurance if you cross one of its countries with your car. Before you go on holiday abroad, check so that your vehicle is insured in the country.

Your obligations in the event of police control
If you are stopped by police, the police will verify that your coupon, certificate of insurance, is present at the level of the windscreen. They also ask you your certificate of insurance or green card, in order to check that the data entered are in concordance with the car. Don't forget to sign your certificate of insurance. To be valid, the card must be signed. Otherwise, the police can you verbalize and draw up a PV of the order of 60 euros. So if this is not already done, don't forget to sign your card!


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