Car insurance: official auto insurance

What are the advantages of dedicated employees auto insurance? Today, many insurance companies offer contracts tailored to the sector of activity of the driver. Officials of the public service thus do not escape the rule and can sign a contract taking into account the requirements of their status as civil servants.

An insurance company, AMF insurance, presents itself as the insurance dedicated to all officials.

Guarantees adapted to officials
Car insurance: official auto insuranceIn general, the added value of auto insurance especially dedicated to public service lies in coverage of the vehicle travel professional and this, without an additional fee is required.

To attract customers, companies will also sometimes offer more attractive rates for officials or erasure of the premium of insurance for young officials.

In addition, insurers so-called generalists, i.e. those who did not have insurance for their core business officer, are just as likely to provide advantageous contracts for staff members.

Compare the official car insurance
Given that the price of the car insurance is based on a number of criteria and not only on the status or profession, it will be always in the interests of the agent of the public service, as in the interest of everyone else, compare offers through a car insurance comparer.

As it is not easy to know in advance the insurers that offer advantages to customer’s officials, the use of a comparator of insurance is often needed to make his choice.


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