Car insurance: immediate auto insurance

You need immediate insurance after an accident or for a temporary need. Where to find them? What are the conditions?

One generally speaks of immediate auto insurance for insurance whose subscription is immediate, it must respond to a specific and urgent need or whether it is temporary car insurance.

Immediate insurance by an insurance comparer
In its first acceptance, the immediate car insurance allows the Subscriber to be covered in the day. Therefore, the issuing of the green card or certificate of insurance which is immediate.

To get immediate auto insurance, the easiest and fastest way is to go through a car insurance comparer. In addition to being free, these websites allow an immediate subscription online, made possible by a redirection of the user to the website of the insurance company that interests him.

At the end of the subscription online application, the user directly receives his certificate of insurance electronically and it is thus and therefore considered as being insured, i.e. it can take the wheel.

 immediate auto insurance
Immediate temporary car insurance
The immediate auto insurance term is sometimes also used to refer to an immediate subscription to a contract subject to a specific and urgent need.

It can especially be the need for immediate coverage to retrieve a vehicle insured, purchased in the auction or an individual. Immediate temporary insurance may also be necessary for a covering of a vehicle stopped by the police for example.

With a duration ranging from 1 to 90 days, temporary insurance is increasingly proposed by automobile insurance companies and in particular those who have developed an insurance online offer.


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