Car insurance: when the car becomes a wreck

A result of an accident or theft, your car may be declared by the expert as being a wreck. However, you have the opportunity to challenge this opinion.

What is a wreck?
A vehicle is considered as a wreck in two cases. First, when the cost of repair is greater than the value of the car on the market. The car is then declared as VEI, i.e. vehicle economically irreparable. Secondly, your car can also be completely irreparable given its State and will then be declared as TNR, which means technically non-repairable.

Challenge a wreckage layout
In the case of economically irreparable vehicles, it can happen that you are not in agreement with the decision of the expert. For example, your car can be estimated at EUR 1000 and if the repair costs are in the order of EUR 1200, your preferred insurance pays you your compensation, rather than repair the car in question. However, for you, this can cost you much more than the difference, because you then need to buy a new car. You can challenge the decision of the expert. You have 30 days after the issued expert report. Without a response, your insurer deems that you refuse implementing wreck of your vehicle.

Auto insurance: when the car becomes a wreck
To challenge the wreckage layout, you can for example provide less important quotes from other garages and that you would be estimated below the price of the car. You can also request further expertise by providing evidence of proper maintenance of the car and the repairs already made previously. You can even ask for a second opinion or through judicial expertise.

Accept a wreck
If you accept the implementation proposed by your insurer wreck, you'll have to provide him with the keys, the gray card, the certificate of sale and any other supporting document requested by the insurer. It is the company who will then the assignment of your vehicle wreck to an approved professional body.


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