Thunderstorm, rain, hail: your car is insured?

How to know if your car is assured in the event of bad weather? Have good reflexes auto insurance.

The guarantee according to the contract
At a time where the elements tend to befall on the France, it is time to ask the right questions about your protection against the weather. In fact, rain, hail and storm can cause damage to your vehicle. If you have purchased a warranty all risk, you shouldn't be too worried. Not the elements might fall you on your head, but you will be reimbursed for the damage affecting your body. For all types of contracts, if you subscribe to the glass breakage warranty, everything concerning the repair of the windshield and glass will be refunded. In all cases, will need to subtract to your benefits of repair franchises, according to the amounts indicated on your auto insurance policy.

Thunderstorm, rain, hail: your car is insured?
Security storm and guarantee natural disaster
Some damage caused by weather such as rain, snow and wind, are not necessarily guarantee natural disaster. Indeed, the State of natural disaster is decided by the State. If you have damage caused by weather unless a natural disaster was declared, so you will need to refer to your warranty called "Storm". Reimbursements and deductibles will then not the same. Indeed, natural disaster declared by the authorities, Act fixed the franchise to 380 euros. For damage suffered as a result of rain or wind, the franchise can be higher. In addition, you will have 5 days to report your claim to your insurance company, where you in 10 natural disaster.


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