Car insurance: calculate its auto insurance rates

Car insurance: calculate its auto insurance ratesAuto insurance rates are very difficult to calculate because many elements come into account in the calculation of the price of car insurance.

Given this complexity insurance companies have teams of statisticians that establish different prices to a quote for insurance car on the basis of the set of elements that is your 'profile '.
We cannot explain how insurers calculate exactly a quote for auto insurance because too many elements are taken into account. On the other hand, we will try to describe in outline the main elements.

Main criteria for auto insurance rates
The main elements that enter into account in the calculation of a car insurance price are: the type of vehicle, the geographic area in which you want to be assured, your age and your profession.
In addition, should add to these criteria your historic insurers (bonus/malus) which plays a crucial role in the calculation of an insurance quote. It is difficult to go into the details on the calculation of the bonus/malus and quantify the impact it has on the amount of the insurance auto quote.

We have compiled a list of the main criteria common to auto insurance companies. But some insurers have their own criteria as for example the color of your car. If you have a red car, you pay more at some insurers! Why? These insurers believe that a driver who has a red car will tend to roll quickly because this color is more typed sport. Therefore prefer more «classical» colours

You'll understand it almost impossible to draw up an exhaustive list of the criteria entering into account in the calculation of an auto insurance quote.

The criteria are usually different from one insurer to another, we recommend that you compare prices and request quotes for auto insurance, it's free! Do not hesitate, it takes 3 minutes and it can make you make significant savings. Compare car insurance rates, you'll see that for a same profile rates may vary from simple to double.


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