Car Insurance - Carnival: Foolishly Yes, but please not foolishly insured!

Car Insurance - Carnival: Foolishly Yes, but please not foolishly insured!The Carnival and Carnival days a lavish celebration are available at the door, and with them. Costumes, parades and revelers people wherever the eye looks. But here are also many dangers. Who with mask or drink-driving is caught, discovered damage to the vehicle after a parade or caused an accident when moving or itself suffers, for joy is over quickly - especially if he is not sufficiently insured. We want to help you that you come well and safely through the holidays.

On Rosenmontag, are the streets celebrating re-filled his fool time millions of people with losers, masks, wigs and costumes - omitted and cavort in the processions and parades through the streets. At the latest since the parade in Duisburg love we know but that such major events a lot can go wrong.

Carnival parade: Directions and parking

Car owners should refrain rather with your vehicle by streets, where carnival parades take place - just in the Carnival stronghold here caution is Mainz, Düsseldorf or Cologne: who aims his car on the road or in the vicinity of a move, has bad cards on adequate compensation if the vehicle afterwards has been scratches, dents or other vandalism damage. It is almost impossible to identify the perpetrators or the, on the other hand also your Casco insurance is reluctant to pay full damage, because: the parking in a such danger is considered grossly negligent act.

And in other ways it can be uncomfortable: just when the streets are full of wild and rollicking mood, a regular parking can sometimes become an emergency escape route for emergency vehicles. If your car is towed away or comes to damage, because it is a rescue operation at the wrong time in the wrong place, it is really expensive. Even for heavy handicapped parking spaces, there is no special treatment during Carnival celebrations.

Mask at the wheel

Without necessarily wear masks or bulky costumes behind the wheel. These can significantly affect the vision, hearing and movement. What may sound like first terse, can carry far-reaching consequences: who is fully costumed in a police check, faces punishment at least ten euros, depending on the degree of negligence. Even with the motor insurance is here not to be trifled with: an accident is in any case more closely, examine the disguise that was cause. In addition, you risk your collision damage waiver protection for grossly negligent act. About simple losers you need to worry of course.

Our comparison calculator shows you more about prices and scope of services of insurance.

Drinking and driving

Omitted celebrated well eaten, good drink, a good successful evening - even if the last beer is somewhat longer, tends to easy to overconfidence in the good mood and feels more sober than the Alcohol Tester will tell the police in controlling circumstances. We want to cut off course the tie anyone - but still no shortage accidents under the influence an excerpt from the fine catalog there, as a reminder again:

Who is caught with 0.5 or more per thousand in the control of the police, gets at least 500 euros penalty, four points in Flensburg and at least a month of driving licence withdrawal.
Who behaves remarkably, must deliver for half a year or even longer his licence may from 0.3 per thousand. In addition, there is a fine.
The limit to the absolute Swiss is 1.1 per thousand. Who is involved in a such a high alcohol content in the blood from the market, must give at least six months on the driver's license, gets four points and a mostly four-digit fine.
Also the residual alcohol should not be underestimated: who all too deeply into the glass look has, "Not the subsequent night heals the" often also. The human body breaks down about 0.1 per thousand per hour – at 1.0 percent, it will take at least 10 hours, until the revelers is again ausgenüchtert. If he is then already roadworthy despite hangover, is another story.

Damage in carnival parades

A cocktail is spilled on the expensive costume of the neighbors quickly and even the noblest cigar Havana can burn a hole in the suit of Mitfeiernden. Without personal liability insurance should not going though anyway through life--just the foolish days this protection of gold is worth. As long as damage is done intentionally, the liability insurance for self-caused damage to property and personal injury comes up. But in particular, with regard to negligence, is to enjoy the legal situation of excessive alcohol consumption with caution: who gets drunk in a brawl, can not hope to support his private liability insurance. Here is decided despite the clouded judgment frequently on intent.

Also the operator and participant of the parades will be secured: the Organizer liability protection is therefore indispensable for organizers of Carnival rides. These are smaller parades, usually also the existing association liability insurance is sufficient.

Animals on carnival parades

Who wants to leave his dog not alone at home, but take him to the Carnival, which should it either muzzled create or better yet: complete dog owner liability insurance. Responds to the crowds of the four-legged stressed and bites a Mitfeiernden, the insurance for the pain and suffering.

The same applies to the page of the Organizer: If some horses accompany the move and flee or violate viewers in panic, comes the horse holder liability for the damage.

Accidents during carnival parades

Also, one can be sure as visitors not from accidents: If the masses through the streets, dancing and swinging, a crash is happening quickly. Even if the candy in the crowds are thrown from the car of the Rosenmontag parades, can "what the eye go". So even a well-meaning panel turns out chocolate to the dangerous level. In such cases, not the liability of the Organizer on pain and suffering cannot be prosecuted – what helps is a private accident insurance. This protects not only before the eventuality of a Karnevalsumzugs, but throughout the year for all leisure activities.

If it is too loud

Who among the "Carnival muffles" and the whole noise and roar of the hot phase of the Carnival to start nothing white, should better equip themselves with earplugs or fleeing: carnival parades are regarded as a kind of State of emergency, which it is not as accurate legally taken with volume levels and rest periods. However, you must have not fallen as local residents. Whether it comes to clarify a claim to an accident or other inconveniences, which lead to a dispute - who does not want to remain seated on the costs of the proceedings, is completely covered with insurance.


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