Car Insurance : Luxury car

The cost for the maintenance of the car rose far faster than the cost of living with 3.1 per cent in 2010. Biggest weight is fuel prices - especially in the big cities these are according to the ADAC far away from the current oil prices. Analog, currently the Federal Cartel Office questioned the collective rise in prices at many service stations just before holidays. Is the consumer when refueling ripped off?

Who opts for the own car in terms of mobility, must engage deeper in the pockets. The ADAC has recently determined where the stresses of mobile pedestal most have increased compared to the previous year. Car maintenance is committed off therefore clearly with a rise of 3.1 percent by the rising cost of living. Needs of daily life rose only 1.3 percent on year.

What has become more expensive?

Car Insurance : Luxury car
Main cost drivers car are the fuel prices for the luxury item. These have increased by whopping 8.7 percent compared to 2009, while purchase prices for new cars, costs for spare parts, accessories and repairs with a rise of less than one percent to beech. Place the cost of driving a car is car insurance. On average, 6.4 percent more had to fork 2010 the German car owners for their financial security on the road. The gasoline price has accept the drivers grumbling, but with a change of insurance he has depending on the individual facts & figures a screw, to save several hundred dollars a year in the car.

Expensive cities and a cheer for the holidays

Using a regularly tested sample, the ADAC has examined gasoline prices from 20 cities. With an average of more than 1.40 euros for the litre of Super petrol, competition in expensive cities not to the same extent as in the lower works so the Automobile Club. Federal Cartel Office President Andreas Mundt wants to proceed against similar to the holiday calendar rising gas prices especially in the "expensive" cities now exacerbated. In the four major cities of Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig and Munich, 100 petrol stations had to sign their price chronology of the past three years to the Bonn authorities. It is now checked whether there are always these same companies, which raise the gas prices just before the holidays. Also, generally strong price fluctuations - should if be taken directly before the holidays or several times within a day - more closely scrutinized.


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