Car insurance: termination by the insured

With or without cause, you have the right to cancel your auto insurance. However, need to know to choose the right time or the right reasons to terminate his insurance.

Termination due
Want to change the insurance contract, to take advantage of more attractive prices of the competition? It is possible, but only at maturity of your current insurance contract. Indeed, you can terminate your contract without cause.

Car insurance: termination by the insured
According to insurance companies, you must then serve your decision of termination two months before the expiry date of your contract or letter with acknowledgement of receipt, or by going to one of the agencies of your insurance company. So don't forget to keep a record of your visit and indicating your request for termination.

The Chatel Law requires insurers to send you a notice of expiry indicating your insurance for the next year. From the receipt of this notice, you have then 20 days to terminate your contract. This is the date shown on the envelope by post which determines the beginning of these 20 days. If your insurance company does not communicate you this notice, you have the right to terminate your contract without suffering any penalty.

Termination during the contract
You can request to cancel your current contract at any time in the following cases:
-You've decided to sell your car. In this case, the termination of your insurance will be taken into account within 10 days of receipt of your request. In addition, you will be more covered from the date of the sale at midnight. You can then transfer your insurance on a new vehicle. Some insurers reserve the right to refuse your request and ask the rest of the premium due. For this reason, it is better to sell his vehicle once the insurance contract come to an end.
-If your insurance company decides to increase your insurance premium, unless it is related to a malus, there you can still cancel your contract. You have then 15 days after the notice to terminate your contract. The termination took effect one month after the receipt of your application.


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